Thursday, March 19, 2009

Jim Cramer Resurfaces on the Today Show

Jim Cramer re-emerged this morning on the Today Show, his first appearance on the program since his now infamous interview with Jon Stewart on The Daily Show. Host Meredith Viera asked Cramer about his interview with Stewart and this is how Cramer responded:

Apparently, Cramer is now ready to try and defend his network and despite agreeing with Stewart on many points throughout the Daily Show interview, now feels that the whole thing is "naive" and "misleading". In fact, Cramer dismisses the whole conversation by saying that Stewart didn't really have a point about any of his criticisms of the media. "We weren't behind this," Cramer said. Well, of course not and no one was ever claiming that the media or CNBC were behind this economic crisis...that is ridiculous. Cramer continued, "...are you gonna compare the media to AIG?"

No Jim, no one is comparing CNBC or the media to AIG and I am sad to see that he missed the whole point of Stewart's criticism (or perhaps he is just defending the people who sign his paycheck). It is about journalists acting like journalists. You know, challenging what people tell them, holding leaders to account, and doing additional research to provide greater context and truth. That is the critique of Cramer and CNBC, not creating the economic meltdown. Back to business as usual it appears.

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