Friday, April 10, 2009

17 Socialists and Dousing the Public with Gasoline

With the Easter season upon us it is interesting to see the ideas that are being resurrected. Let's start with the resurrection of the McCarthy era.

Recently, Rep. Spencer Bachus of Alabama stated that he has a list of 17 members of Congress who he believes are socialists. He would not disclose names on this list except for Rep. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, who openly identifies with the Democratic Socialist Party as it exists in Scandinavia. From the Birmingham News:

Interviewed in Washington, Sanders' spokesman Will Wiquist said the senator is an independent who identifies with the Democratic Socialist Party as it is in Scandinavia, where government achievements include high education and childhood health rates and little poverty or crime. It is not related to the Socialist Party.
"It's a different brand of socialism than the congressman is probably thinking of," Wiquist said. Wiquist said there are no other socialists in Congress. He said his boss is the only member who identifies as such.

Apparently, Rep. Michelle Bachman's recent call for the media to investigate whether her colleagues were "pro-America or Anti-America" resonated with Bachus.

Glenn Beck has also resurrected his brand of crazy from the last few weeks. On yesterday's show, he compared Obama's first three months in office to dousing Americans with gasoline and setting them on fire. He demonstrated this, by pouring fake gasoline on an actor and lighting a match in his vicinity:

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