Monday, June 15, 2009

More Video out of Iran and a Movement to Get Twitter to Stay Online

Channel 4 in Britain has captured some amazing footage of paramilitary forces firing on the protesters. One person was killed and many more wounded when protesters were fired upon in Azadi Square earlier today. Here is some video:

This video was captured and is apparently of a male who was shot:

Also, this video appears to confirm that a woman was either shot during the chaos or severely injured:

The crowd that marched to Azadi Square was reportedly five miles long and was comprised of hundreds of thousands of people:

Twitter continues to be a major outlet for people in Iran to get out their messages and to inform people outside of Iran about what is going on inside the country. Twitter has a scheduled outage in order to perform routine maintenance at 9:45PM this evening (9:15AM in Iran) and there is currently a movement to get Twitter to stay online during this time. You can follow that link to join this movement.

I will also take this opportunity to say that in this post, written back in March, I was critical of Twitter and questioned the usefulness of this new social media. I wrote that while I saw some value in it, I wasn't really convinced. My perception of Twitter has drastically changed over the course of the last few days due to this situation in Iran. It has proven itself to be a highly effective medium for which to get out quick bits of information to a vast number of people, even when the Iranian regime has tried to shut down the media to prevent the stories of these dissidents from being told. News reporters and ordinary citizens alike have relied on Twitter to tell their stories and even organize protests. It has shown itself to be vital during this moment in history.

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