Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Palin's Interview with Barbara Walters

As it appears many do, I find Sarah Palin's widespread appeal to Conservatives very interesting. Every time she gives an interview, it is clear that to some, the accuracy of her claims have no bearing on her popularity. Even when she lies through her teeth.

The Huffington Post has compiled "18 of the Biggest Falsehoods" in Palin's new book and the Associated Press also did a fact check of the book. The New York Times summarizes:

The A.P. suggests that history and Ms. Palin diverge on a number of points, adding that her recollection of the awarding of lucrative natural gas contracts seems at odds with what happened, that her campaign financing included its share of high rollers in spite of her suggestion to the contrary, and that her warm feelings toward the Exxon Valdez settlement are a recent development. The A.P. knocks her for persistent historical revisionism and tartly concludes, “‘Going Rogue’ has all the characteristics of a precampaign manifesto, the requisite autobiography of the future candidate.”

Frankly, it should not a surprise to anyone that Palin has a rocky relationship with the truth, but what is noteworthy is her continued support despite her blatant contradictions that are exposed so publicly and so thoroughly.

Here is her most recent interview with Barbara Walters:

Watch her response at about 6:22 in the second video. Does anyone actually believe that Levi has "nothing" on her?


trey said...

I just read the latest installment of the series of hit pieces that that great upkeeper of the flame of American journalistic objectivity, Newsweek, did on Palin. From an unconscionable cover that tries to show Palin as a frivolous pin-up girl (where was the Newsweek cover of that famous Obama shirtless beach photo) to another of its mean-spirited analysis inside, I definately came away with much underdog love for Palin (after I had pretty much written her off). Its sort of a cliche to point it out, but the disparity between the way the press has treated Obama and Palin (two people who, like it or not, were and are remarkably similar in their levels of political and administrative experience)is troubling. She definately had her sucky moments in the 2008 campaign but the 2012 election is a ways off; can those self-appointed gatekeepers in the MSM chill out a bit and let it play out on its own? They're probably making her more powerful by making her a martyr.

Grumpy said...

Trey, that's all well and good if you would be happy with an unqualified, uninformed, compulsive liar as president. She and Obama may have similar administrative experience, but he has a brain.

trey said...

My point was that a news organization that has historically sought to play a role in the national debate as a relatively objective, nonpartisan presenter of the political news, Newsweek, should do just that and present the information in as dispassionate manner as possible, trusting the audience to discover for itself that maybe this figure is 'unqualified' for high office, and mostly avoid trying to coach the reader how to think. But I guess in a way maybe the news business is changing and there really isn't much of a market for unbiased reporting anymore. But still it was surprising to see such a rapid shift to seemingly partisan hatchet work as that grossly unfair cover photo revealed.