Sunday, February 7, 2010

Palin's Primitive Palm Pilot

From the "almost too weird to be true" file, we have the latest from Sarah Palin.

Last night the former Govornor and now Fox News Contributor gave her much anticipated keynote address at the National Tea Party convention in Nashville. Palin called for a new populist "revolution" and stated that "We're at war and to win that war we need a commander-in-chief, not a professor of law standing at the lectern".

During her speech Palin also renewed criticisms of President Obama's for his use of teleprompter in delivering his speeches. This point of criticism would quickly become almost too ironic to be believed. Take a look at Palin during a question and answer session after the convention, most noticeably during the :48 mark in the video:

It sure looks like she checks her hand for reference doesn't it? That would mean of course that she knew the questions ahead of time and still felt that she needed some additional help. I guess this isn't surprising considering that Glenn Beck revealed how paranoid Palin has become with people trying to "trip her up". Regardless, I wasn't completely sold on this despite the suspect video. That was...until this picture turned up (h/t Huffington Post):

and zooming in on the hand:

Sure enough, she has notes scribbled on her hand. It looks like "Energy", "Budget" (crossed out), "Cuts", "Tax", and "Lift American Spirits".

I doubt that this will affect her popularity among conservatives and I don't really have a big problem with her writing down some notes (isn't Fox paying her enough to afford note cards?), but the hypocrisy can't be defended. The same woman who rails against the President for using a teleprompter is now caught scribbling cliff notes on her hand so that she doesn't get tripped up in a Q&A session. Priceless.

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