Saturday, July 12, 2008

Casey Porter: Undercover Soldier

Meet Casey Porter. He is one of thousands of US soldiers who have been subjected to the program of stop-loss. This program involuntarily extends the duty of enlisted servicemen and women in order to retain their services beyond their original end of service date. Casey was slated to return home after his tour in Iraq this past January, but was stop-lossed and redeployed just three months later. He is currently stationed in Iraq. Below is a video from his hometown news station about being stop-lossed:

Casey has returned to Iraq as an "undercover solider", a term which he uses to describe himself and also as a member of Iraq Veterans Against the War. Armed with an interest in making films after he gets out of the service, Casey has started a YouTube channel that is devoted to covering his time in Iraq and showing all of us some of the realities of the war as well as the effects of the stop-loss program on fellow servicemen and women. Casey mentioned in a recent interview on Democracy Now! that he doesn't believe his superiors know what he is doing. Below I have posted just a few of the videos that are present on his YouTube channel:

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