Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Interview with Democratic Candidate for Cincinnati City Council Nicholas Hollan

On this past Saturday, I covered the second rally held on Fountain Square in support of the people of Iran. Present at this rally was Democratic Candidate for Cincinnati City Council Nicholas Hollan. Hollan was present at the rally in order to both gather signatures on his petition for his candidacy and to show his support for the people of Iran.

From Hollan's website:

For our city to move forward, we must together and proactively address the root causes of the pressing issues we face.

* Let’s work closely with community councils to create a long term vision for each Cincinnati neighborhood.
* Let’s focus on ensuring that our children are born healthy and are ready to learn and succeed.
* Let’s elevate the quality of life in Cincinnati to encourage people to move in instead of out.

After the conclusion of the rally, I had an opportunity to speak with Hollan and ask him a few questions. That exchange is below.

(note: though the title lists July 26 as the date, the interview was conducted on July 25.)

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