Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Peter Bronson has been Fired from the Cincinnati Enquirer

In a turn of events that is all too indicative of the state of newspapers in 2009, the conservative columnist for the Cincinnati Enquirer, Peter Bronson, has been fired.

I have written pieces in the past that are critical of items that Bronson has written and more recently I have highlighted Bronson's posting of a known fake image of newly elected Senator Al Franken (initially covered by my fellow writers at the Cincinnati Beacon). There is no indication that Bronson's departure has anything to do with this most recent issue.

While I often disagreed with Bronson's right-wing political column and feel that his approach did not advance the level of political discussion, it is sad to see the Enquirer continue to bleed more jobs - especially at a time when newspaper jobs have been cut all over the country and news coverage has inevitably suffered.

The concerns about our nation's newspapers are real and hopefully there can continue to be a productive discussion about the emergence of new media and the transitioning of traditional media into this new world. It is a time where we need honest discussions that will benefit the public interest and help advance voices that promote honesty, truth, and making decisions that are based on facts.

Bronson's departure ends a rocky week for the right-wing columnist but speak to the larger issue at hand about which there needs to be a continued discussion.


Steve said...

Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. Talk about your no-talent hack.

I'm happy for the readers of the Enquirer that will no longer have to be subjected to his cringe-inducing drivel

veep1 said...

The Enquirer miscalculated with Mr Bronson's dismissal. I did not always agree with Mr Bronson's opinions but they were most always thought provoking. The Enquirer is a local paper and we have local issues that Mr Bronson wrote about whether you agreed with him or not. The National columist only comment on National issues. I know many liberals in this area are happy about Bronson's dismissal, but most liberals I know can not debate when challenged. Their opinions usually are about what they feel, not what they know. So long Mr Bronson and good luck.