Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hope For Haiti Telethon

If you were watching television last night, chances are that you came across the "Hope for Haiti" concert and telethon that was orchestrated by George Clooney to help raise money for relief efforts. This is because the vast majority of television networks made the decision to pre-empt their regular programming to air this event.

If you were watching television last night during this time period and had no idea that this telethon was happening, then chances are, you were watching Fox News who decided to air their normal programming instead of the telethon. (h/t digby)

Perhaps this is not a surprise if you have been watching Fox's (lack of) coverage on the earthquake recently. Either way, here are a few notable moments from last night's telethon and concert that you will hopefully enjoy. Below the videos are also a couple of links that will take you to sites that have helpful information on donating to the relief effort should you feel so inclined.

You can donate to the relief effort by visiting Hope For Haiti Now or by visiting Causecast and the Huffington Post's donation page.

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