Thursday, January 14, 2010

Robertson and Limbaugh See Religious and Political Opportunity in Haiti's Disaster

By now I am sure that all of you have heard not only about the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti the other day, but also some responses to the incident that can only be described as nauseating.

Exhibit A is Pat Robertson telling us how Haiti may have brought this on themselves:

Exhibit B is Rush Limbaugh criticizing Obama for making a statement on this crisis just a little too soon for his taste:

Exhibit C is also Rush Limabaugh letting us know that we have already given Haiti enough money via the U.S. income tax:

At a time where bodies are still buried beneath the rubble and a largely poor population is suffering even more, to insinuate that this earthquake was somehow deserved or that this travesty is a "blessing in disguise" as Robertson stated last night on his show, is absolutely disgusting.

Almost equally disgusting is the attempt by Limbaugh at blindly advancing his political mission. He is the same man who criticized Obama for taking too long to make a statement after the failed Christmas Day attack and he is now the man who is criticizing Obama for speaking out too soon on this incident. Destroying Obama's Presidency is Limbaugh's only mission and he will continue at the expense of any kind of decency.

On a brighter note The Huffington Post has a great page that they have put together that has lots of great organizations that you can give money to for relief. Click here for that page.

Also, has an online store that enables you to purchase various materials that will also aid in the relief efforts. I encourage you to visit that site by clicking here.

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