Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Glenn Beck's Crazy Antics Heat Up Once Again

Fox News host Glenn Beck has been on a roll again as of late. Despite losing 50% of his advertising dollars due to the boycott that has been orchestrated by Color Of Change, Beck's antics continue to raise eyebrows on a daily basis.

In this clip he is upset that he has been compared to Joe McCarthy for his recent efforts to "go after" members of the Obama Administration with who he disagrees:

One of the things that I find most striking about Beck, is his hypocrisy. There are two recent examples of this. The first happened on his show on the anniversary of 9/11. Beck cried (again) because we have not rebuilt a building to replace the World Trade Center since the 2001 attacks. He seems to think that it is government bureaucracy, special interests and political correctness that are getting in the way of building a new structure. In case you are wondering what all that means, I am sorry to tell you that he doesn't go into any detail:

While Beck enjoys getting sentimental on camera about a building and using 9/11 to push his 9/12 Project, one only need remember Beck's comments on his radio show in 2005 in regard to the 9/11 families, in order to fully see the just how much Beck really cares:

And now, yesterday, Glenn Beck is mad about Jimmy Carter stating that racism is a factor in some of the opposition to President Obama. In fact, he likens it to the same kind of "tactic" that the Taliban uses when they strap bombs to children. Think that is crazy? Well, he ups the ante by comparing Jimmy Carter to Osama bin Laden as well:

So Glenn Beck is mad at everyone getting called a racist yet I seem to remember someone calling Obama a racist and stating that Obama had a hatred for white people, only months ago:

The hypocrisy is astounding. It is amazing that anyone takes this man seriously.

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