Friday, September 25, 2009

Michelle Malkin: Obama "Doesn't like this country very much"

I saw a clip of Conservative author and commentator Michelle Malkin on Hannity last night and wondered if this kind of rhetoric is doing anything besides stirring up the base that already believes this nonsense:

Ah, the good old days of American Exceptionalism, when we forced our views on the rest of the world by invading countries that did not pose a threat to us. I can remember now how well that has worked out for us. Shame on Obama for asking the world for mutual cooperation to combat nuclear proliferation.

Sarcasm aside, Malkin is upset that Obama didn't mention our brave troops who have fought for freedom and upset that Obama didn't mention Neda (the woman who was shot on camera in Iran) when he was talking about innocent people rising up in Iran. She rambles on about how Obama is rejecting American Exceptionalism, how this is predictable because the people he associates with are sympathetic to dictators and how our enemies will think we are weaker because of this. In fact, she states that Obama is the "weakest of the weak leaders" in modern American history.

The kind of anger and hatred that Malkin likes to exude about anything and everything Obama is pretty amazing, even when it is hyperbolic or absent of fact. Especially considering that during the last eight years, Malkin supported many of the lawless policies of the Bush Administration. If you ask her about the last eight years, she will claim that she was "right there, leading the charge to blow the whistle on corruption and cronyism".

I tend to think that Malkin's motives fall more in line with what she said in a recent piece that discussed her book, over at the Daily Beast:

"To me that’s what makes this a compelling book,” Malkin says. “A sincere commitment to good government makes for some strange bedfellows. But I’ve been in bed with strange fellows – I shouldn't say that, ha ha ha—for my entire professional career.” She adds: “I like a good story. I think one of the misunderstandings about who I am and what I do is that somehow I do it because I just want to get on TV or it’s about the fame, or it’s about the ‘bomb-throwing.’…I’ve always thrived on digging up stories and shedding light on information that’s not getting out there.”

And if she’s getting rich in the bargain, so much the better. “I think that every good conservative capitalist pursues the profit motive.”

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