Thursday, August 13, 2009

Health Care Reform Protester Fails Miserably on "Hardball"

Katy Abram showed up to a town hall meeting that was held by Sen. Arlen Specter (D-PA) and passionately said that she doesn't want our country turning into Russia or other socialized countries and asked what he would do to support policies that would bring us back to what the founding fathers intended. It was a scene that we have seen played out over and over again at town hall meetings from across the country.

Lawrence O'Donnell was the fill-in host on Hardball yesterday and had Abram on as a guest to ask her about her opposition to health care reform. As Logan Murphy over at Crooks and Liars states, "This wasn't like shooting fish in a barrel, it was like shooting the broad side of a barn with a bazooka -- at point blank range". Watch this:


trey said...

O'Donnell appeared to be shot like a fish in a barrel when Katy pointed out that Obama stated a few years ago he wanted a single-payer system. He started speaking in that deep "Hey, I'm the expert here" voice but turns out he was dead wrong because Obama did say it. I think the left reveals its class bias when people like Logan (sorry to be as unfair as he is, but seriously what socio-economic class do you think someone named Logan comes from?)slam middle-class white mothers who had more important things to do in life (like raising children) then learning the details of politics. She, like a lot of middle class people, might not know the details but know they want smaller government. And Larry, Medicare and Social Security may be popular to the recipients who are getting free stuff right now but that doesn't change the big picture that they are basically bankrupt.

Chris Johnson said...


In this interview, O'Donnell showed (by asking Abrams some straightforward questions) that Abrams had no idea what she was talking about. She even admitted that she doesn't know how much money is brought into her household so she wasn't sure if the taxation would affect her personally.

No one is faulting Abrams for being a stay-at-home Mom. What is being pointed out is that this woman (who admitted she wasn't into politics until recently) showed up to a town meeting to voice her opinion on a topic that she didn't know much about. I think this speaks to the larger movement of protests and how misinformation (death panels and euthanizing the elderly) can so easily be propagated.