Thursday, August 27, 2009

More Footage From the Second Cincinnati Townhall

Earlier, I posted a summary of the second town hall event that Rep. Steve Driehaus (D-OH) held yesterday at the Nathanael Green Lodge Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. This was a ticketed event as it was part of the Green Township Democratic Club's normal scheduled meeting. The club decided to issue tickets to the event once it was realized that a lot of people would be showing up to discuss the issue of health care.

While citizens showed up representing both sides of the health care debate, it was clear that those in favor of health care reform outnumbered those who are against the reforms that are currently being discussed before Congress. This was a big difference from the first town hall meeting during which those opposed to reforms greatly outnumbered those in favor.

I have uploaded another video from the event that you can view below. You will see part of a speech given by the Secretary Treasurer of the local chapter of the AFL-CIO and how that quickly degenerated into heated arguments throughout the crowd. This video culminates with a man who is opposed to health care reform threatening to kill a man who is in favor of health care reform. I am working on one more video from this event and hope to have it posted soon.

I also encourage you to visit my other post on this event which contains the video of a woman who continually shouted "Obamacare is America's Chappaquiddick". There is another town hall meeting scheduled for this upcoming Tuesday at the 20th Century Theater in Oakley during which Rep. Steve Driehaus will be speaking. I will be sure to have more video from that event.


Dheck said...

Great footage. Thanks for filming and posting. Keep it up!

trey said...

I think you're overselling a bit again Chris. I'm sure you've been around bars and stuff to know that that wasn't a serious death threat. Stupid, unclassy bravado; but not a death threat..... And I just saw the video of the Obamacare/Chappaquiddick lady. She probably ain't a Ph.D candidate but she was lucid enough. I don't really understand why her little chant stands out as some horrid example of illogic. Would you have preferred, "Two,four,six,eight, Obamacare isn't great"?

I think your presentation of these videos along with your disrespectful presentation of the video of the lady protestor being browbeaten on TV by upper-middle-class offsping Larry O'Donnel and your rather mocking portrayal of the pretty well-informed right-winger you interviewed after Driehaus's first town hall reveals the unattractive elitist tendencies of the left. It seems a common meme of the left to portray the right as being hopelessly ignorant. However, the left's claimed deep hatred of political ignorance doesn't extend all the way to its logical conclusion (a return to a new equitable literacy test for voters), does it? I wonder why.

Dheck said...

Wow, Trey. You seem really angry. I'm not entirely sure that "the left" as a group is advocating literacy tests for voters. I know some people on the left, and I think the vast majority of them recognize that that would be similar to the "poll tax" strategies that were used to supress the votes of black folks in the South that we fought against. I'm glad you care about politics, though. Thanks for saying your piece.

trey said...

Dheck, in my post I was just trying to point out what I believe is a fundamental, first order, hypocricy of the left. They seem to want to portray activist right wingers and right- wingers in general as ill-educated, unwashed ignoramuses but also would cry bloody murder if anyone tried to solve the problem of having a completely uninformed electorate by requiring some fair-minded literacy test of voters. Its obvious why: because the left is more or less a coalition of the hyper-educated and the dang-near illiterates. The hyper-educated wants power more centralized in their hands and the near- illiterates want free money. Which is all well and good but tends to lead to far more instability than a more cold-hearted, mediocre middle-class democracy does.