Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Here is Another Shocker...

It turns out that Ernest Hancock, who I mentioned earlier today in this post, has quite the colorful background. From Talking Points Memo (emphasis mine):

Ernest Hancock, the online radio host who staged an interview with an assault rifle-wielding cohort at the Obama event in Arizona yesterday -- and was himself armed with a 9 millimeter pistol -- was a vocal supporter and friend of right-wing anti-government militia members who were convicted of conspiracy and weapons charges in the 90s.

The federal government initially accused the Arizona Viper Militia of plotting to blow up federal buildings, which the twelve-member group cased on videotape.


Hancock, who in recent years designed the famous "Ron Paul rEVOLution" graphic, was an oft-quoted defender of the militia members. The tapes of the government buildings, he said at the time, were purely "educational."

"They don't have criminal records," another press account quoted Hancock, who knew all twelve militia members, as saying. "They just like their guns. And in Arizona, gosh darn it, that's normal."

and this is the same guy who posted a picture of Obama as a Nazi brown-shirt on the website for which he is a producer, along with footage of Nazis marching in Germany under the heading "We know what we are up against".

Here is Hancock today on CNN talking about all of this:

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