Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Stop Slandering us You Health Care Reforming Nazis!

If anyone wonders why local groups from around the country, including the Cincinnati Tea Party and Cincinnati 9/12 Project, continue to compare President Obama to Hitler and the current Administration to Nazis, then look no further:

Don't you like how Beck says that he isn't saying that eugenics is going to happen? I guess he changed his mind from back in May:

He's saying you can either let the delivery system do it, in other words, the healthcare system can just say, yeah, you're not going to get that. You're too old. You're a drain on society. I'm sorry, no kidney dialysis for people over 70. What is it in the UK?

60. Some the things they cut off once you outlived your usefulness.

This is Nazi Germany stuff.

This is the kind of stuff that is progressive in its nature. It is eugenics. It is survival of the fittist.

Regardless, the rest of his rant is filled with how similar these times are to the time during the rise of the Nazis. Rep. Tom Pence just wrote a piece that was posted over at Human Events in which he decried the criticism of those who oppose health care reform:

The notion that Americans may not want the federal government making health care decisions on their behalf appears to be truly beyond the comprehension of Democrats in Congress and the White House. So they have responded by slandering honest folks looking to have their voices heard.

The arrogance which the Democrats have displayed by name-calling and discrediting these people reveals their insolence and hypocrisy.

It appears that community organizing and grassroots are terms reserved solely for liberal activism. A number of taxpayer and patients rights groups post the location of town halls on the internet, and Democrats in charge act as though it is an abomination to democracy. Yet when then Senator Obama throws together an operation of a million liberal activists, so organic they created an iPhone app for it, that’s just good old fashioned political organizing. Right!

"Slandering honest folks"...who keep comparing Democrats to Nazis in order to argue against health care. Who is slandering who here?

For me, it is not an issue of opposing the "First Amendment Rights" of Conservatives to organize, voice their opposition, or even be part of grassroots or astroturf organizations to oppose the legislation. What I take issue with is the complete disregard for civil debate and the encouragement to purposefully "shout down" people at town hall meetings that feel differently than they do. What I take issue with, is perpetuating complete falsehoods that have been circulated about health care reform and then, based on these falsehoods, start to label people as "downright evil" and "Nazis" when they question the truth of said claims.

The criticism of opponents of health care reform doesn't have anything to do with suppressing the viewpoints of opponents of this legislation. The criticism of opponents of health care reform has everything to do with trying to maintain a healthy debate that is rooted in fact and refrains from labeling people as the equivalent of Hitler because they may support reforms to the health care system.

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