Thursday, February 18, 2010

Glenn Beck Barks Like a Dog On-air...Seriously

Only so much time can pass before Glenn Beck decides to once again jump off the deep end on his Fox television show. This time, he did not break into tears or pour "gasoline" on a staffer, but barked like a wild dog in response to a video by President Obama:

Remember that this is the man who started the "9/12 Project" and who is the hero of many members of the "Tea-Party" movement.

What is continually interesting about Beck isn't just his circus-like antics that make you question his stability, but also how he has fun with facts. Take this recent spat between Beck and Rachel Maddow which Maddow addressed on her MSNBC show the other night:

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I wonder what kind of movement someone like Beck, who plays loose with facts and acts like a madman, would be able to inspire? Oh wait:

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Quim said...

Every time I see Beck, I remember Oreilly telling Jon Stewart that Beck is the "Everyman". Assuming that the "Everyman" is stark raving mad (and reading the comments at I can see how one might surmise that) a lot out of Fox makes perfect sense.